Low-altitude searching radar

Low-altitude target searching radar



Application Range:

Our low-altitude target searching radar is specialized in regional low-altitude, super low-altitude, low speed, small target searching and surveillance,for air situation investigation in remote low-altitude and super low-altitude. Automatically searching, tracking targets and outputting target parameters, thus reporting to the higher command centre, it mainly provides the airport, communication command center, missile launch position, transportation centers ( bridge, station, port, etc.), the military base, the energy base and such important military facilities and city’s strategic locations with low-altitude detection and early warning.

Functional Characteristics:

◆ low-altitude, super low-altitude, low speed, small target detection
◆ Automatically searching and real-time tracking targets in air
◆ Reporting air situation information to the higher command center 
◆ Unattended function

Technical Parameters:

◆ Working system: linear frequency modulation continuous wave phased array

◆ Operating frequency: X / ku / ka band
◆ Working mode: portable / vehicular
◆ Detection distance: 3-5km (four rotor, electric fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle)
                   15-30km (oil moving fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle)
                   50km (helicopter and fighter)
◆ Detection height: beam coverage 30-3500m
◆ Detection speed: 5-400m / s
◆ Detection accuracy (RMS): distance ≤ 25m, height ≤ 1 °, azimuth ≤ 0.5 °
◆ Pitch angle range: 0 ° -75 °
◆ Corner position: 0 ° -360 °
◆ Distance resolution: <100m
◆ Azimuth resolution: <2.5 °
◆ Start / withdrawal time: ≤ 10min
◆ System reliability (MTBF): ≥ 3000h
◆ System Maintainability (MTTR): ≤ 0.5h